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4 days ago career and more. At Astrology King, your weekly Cancer Tarot Card comes. Cancer Weekly Horoscope September 30, Monday to.
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It is a truly spectacular interview. We laughed our asses off! So stay tuned to the last portion of this episode for Lindsay Mack.

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Cosmic Cousins: Soul-Centered Astrology A weekly astrology podcast dedicated to honoring the interconnectedness of our universal family through embodied health, self-discovery, and deeper learning. Thanks as always for being here! Sign-up for Newsletter. Happy virgo Season to you! Follow her on i nstagram here. Enter in a raffle with a chance to win a minute astrology reading with me by supporting comedian Lucy Cottrell. Let me know your t-shirt size. Must put order in by August 15, There are a lot of opportunities for deep healing, release, and spiritual upgrades at this time.

If you are listening to this live, it is Tuesday, July 16, , and the Sun is in Cancer, and the Moon is in Capricorn. So we will touch base with both of these Zodiac Queens, so we can meditate on the high-vibe invitation for this time. This week on the show we dive deep into the Gemini-Sagittarius polarity. I have rarely found the correspondence to ever make sense. Those of you who are particularly well-versed in tarot, astrology, or qabalah have probably heard this information a few dozen times already.

However, for those of you who have not yet immersed themselves in this proverbial pool of knowledge but keep occasionally dipping your toes in hoping the water to miraculously get warmer , we shall begin as simply as possible. There are 22 Major Arcana cards, and each one corresponds either to an element, a planet, or a zodiac sign. It will be the zodiac signs that we will pay particularly close attention to at first. For the first card corresponding to your birthday, simply check out the list below. Step one is completed, step two is where things get a little more specific and tricky.

What each term means is not particularly important for our purposes. However, you might want to check the handy guide below to see where your zodiac sign falls.

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Or someone who is very double-natured and flakey? If yes, be careful around them.

They have been using their words to distract you while they steal something valuable from you. Perhaps your time, or your ideas, or maybe even your money!

And they are using other people to distract you too without them knowing it. Virgo, you will find this week quite bothersome. Mostly because a lot of buried emotions are going to come to the surface this week.

Cancer Weekly Tarot Forecasts ~ July 30th - Aug 5th 2018

And they will cause you a lot of inconveniences. Just remember: suppressing your emotions will only cause them to fester in your psyche.

Cancer Tarot Card 2018

So, address these feelings when they come up. And pay attention to your gut.

It's trying to protect you from something. And not just in a physically alluring way. They are charismatic and have an intensity about their persona. Because you just might find empty air behind it and a lot of shallow narcissism. If you have been going through harsh times in your love life, Scorpio, the Tarot says all that is about to change.

Because the old phoenix has burned to death now or will wrap up the burning this week , and the new phoenix is now ready to rise from its ashes.

Waterbaby Tarot Pisces

Sagittarius, someone is going to offer you a hand of friendship this week. And you will, in all your Sagittarius innocence, embrace it with open arms. Because you love making friends. But the Tarot is cautioning you from being too enthusiastic. Because this person is being watched and they are not free to do as they please. And this hand of friendship is actually them crying out for help.

Unfortunately, you can't help them. They must help their own self by letting go of the unnecessary burdens and responsibilities that are dragging them down.